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Free from bovine hormones, fillers, artificial sugars and additives that the body does not recognise.

Our Story​

Raw Nutrients was founded in 2016 by Sam Shepherd with the vision to supply the world with Raw nutritional whole food natural supplements.

Working closely with nutritionists and dieticians and having achieved National Success in Natural Body Building I was able to achieve such products.

I’ve been working in the Health and Fitness industry for over 20 years now during this time I have studied nutrition, read over 100 books on health and fitness nutrition, opened health and fitness businesses, attended over 80 health and fitness seminars/expos competed and won bodybuilding competitions and in this time gained a large amount of knowledge on health and fitness and nutrition.

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Years of Experience

I have worked closely with naturopaths and nutritionalists experimented and used many different types of supplements/protein powders/minerals and vitamins on the market. I have noticed 90 percent of them contain fillers, additives, artificial sugars which are harmful to the body and can lead to diseases such as cancers and other diseases.

Additives and artificial sugars that bloat you and make you feel sick.

I know it’s highlighting the negatives but it’s entirely true and slowly these substances are making you sick and slowly killing you.

My mission is to educate and teach and people about the harmful effects of the cheap massed produced protein and supplements and provide a better alternative.

We Believe in Nature

So at Raw Nutrients we do things differently in fact by the name itself suggests we get the protein straight from Grass Fed cows which are free from bovine hormones, fillers, artificial sugars and additives that the body does not recognise.

The manufacturing and processing is very minimal meaning the protein structure has a high bioavailability and natural flavours such as raw cacao and stevia a herb good for the digestive system.

Clients and people who have tried Raw Nutrients say it’s one of the healthier creamier tasting protein powders on the market today and don’t bloat as much as other proteins.

raw nutrients package

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."