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Frequently Asked Questions

In simple terms Whey Protein Isolate goes through more processing to remove more fat and give it a higher protein ratio to fat. Since it is more refined it is released faster and absorbed within 30 minutes by the body. Best taken straight after a workout
Whey Protein Concentrate
It is less processed and still low in fat and carbohydrate but higher than WPI.
Since being less refined it is absorbed slower making it a great replacement shake or meal throughout the day.
It contains slightly more minerals and vitamins and good fat than WPI.
Casein (Slow Release)
Casein protein is slow released so best taken before bed. Your body utilises the slow release protein as you sleep to build and repair.
Raw nutrients adds as little to their products to keep them as close to nature as possible.
There are no artificial colours, flavours, fillers in any of their products and are gluten and
gmo free.
Flavours and sweeteners are from a natural plant called stevia and Raw Cacao is used for the chocolate flavour.
We recommend a max of 3 shakes per day.
WPC in between meals best used as a smoothie or snack and WPI (fast release) used straight after your workout and before bed a Casein shake (slow release formula).
No the body gets its protein from meat and food. But you would need to be eating 6 times a day to get an adequate protein supply to build muscle when heavy weight training.
That is why having a few shakes that supply 25-50g protein per shake helps with fuelling your daily protein intake to build muscle and lose fat.
You can add milk or water or any liquid with any of the protein powders. We recommend 250ml and 1 scoop 30g serving size to each shake.


If using natural flavour add a banana or raw cacao and honey or refer to our smoothie recipes to get creative.
We believe in not putting in anything unflavoured or unnatural and believe that you can add your own natural flavour and sugars by adding fruit and superfood.


It also gives your protein powder variety than having the same flavour everyday.

Our whey protein is sourced from Nz and Tasmania. We believe we have the highest quality protein powder. The protein is packaged and manufactured in Australia.