What are people saying?

“A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.”

David J. Greer

Keifer Miller

-Sponsored Sports Model

“As a fitness model competitor I follow a strict clean diet and am careful on what goes in my body.

I have tried many protein powders and supplements and have to say Raw Nutrients Whey Protein is one of the best tasting/creamiest and natural proteins on the market.

I don’t get bloating and that sickly stomach feel I get from other proteins so it is easy to digest.

I have been taking it for 6 weeks now and noticed my muscles are harder more full and have lost 2kgs fat and added 2kgs muscle.

I highly recommend it for sports model or fitness enthusiasts.”


Mikey Grabowski


“I’ve been using Raw Nutrients for 6 months now and I love it. 

I’ve tried many other brands; ranging from the most expensive on the market through to the most popular.

I have a busy lifestyle so I have a lot of protein shakes and nothing has sat as well as Raw Nutrients.

It has a great taste, it’s natural, it stacks well and it’s non bloating. The first protein powder I’ve used that hasn’t caused me discomfort or tasted artificial. 

I recommend Raw Nutrients.”

Sam Shepherd

-Natural Physique Winner

“As a personal trainer and a bodybuilding competitor/winner I have tried many protein powders on the market and from all the competitions I have competed in I have noticed that by using the natural protein Raw Nutrients that I hold no bloat, come in leaner, harder and it does not irritate my stomach. 

I recommend it for all my clients as I believe in ingesting the highest quality natural supplements available.”


Scott Rosington

-Truck Driver

“Being a busy truck driver on the road for long hauls it is often hard to eat healthy meals.

The protein powder gave me a healthy option which was quick easy to consume.

I followed a healthy eating plan with the protein and lost over 10kgs in 12 weeks and feel like a new person.”

Our Story

Working closely with nutritionists and dieticians and having achieved National Success in Natural Body Building I was able to achieve such products.

I’ve been working in the Health and Fitness industry for over 20 years now during this time I have studied nutrition, read over 100 books on health and fitness nutrition, opened health and fitness businesses, attended over 80 health and fitness seminars/expos competed and won bodybuilding competitions and in this time gained a large amount of knowledge on health and fitness and nutrition.